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Why I’ve Started This Blog

Let me first tell you about myself.  I am a college student raised Christian and recently self-deconverted.  I am currently an atheist — that is I do not believe in any gods for which there is no evidence of — and am living in the closet with regards to my family.  In reading my posts, you will probably divine why.   Many of my friends know because most of my friends are apathetic or atheist/atheist leaning themselves.

So why have I started this Blog?

Some people blog to feel self-important.  I do not believe that my life is any more interesting or important than anyone else’s.  In fact, often my life is quite boring and repetitive, just like yours; nobody wants to read about that and so I won’t write about it.

Some people blog to let off steam.  I must admit this is part of the reason I am doing this.  As you will read (or have already read) I have had my fair share of trouble.  But then why blog about it?  I could just as easily write in a personal diary or set of Word documents on my own computer.  It would much better protect my privacy (which I value).

So why have I started this blog?
Firstly, to entertain.  There is something intrinsically fascinating about other people’s struggles, however macabre that fascination.  I enjoy reading stories of struggle and strife, whether the ending is tragic, triumphant or unknown.  Also, I believe that there are many, many others who suffer just as similarly as I do, as witnessed by sites such as Coming Out Godless.

I would also like to give you fair warning:  I believe in verbosity.  I love reading and writing, and I much prefer to read a novel than a short blurb, and I write accordingly.  I will be creating a full story based on as much memory as possible, as well as occasional posts about my opinions. I should also warn you that there will be many stories from my past.